Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stop the Violence!!

Clash with police stirs Oakland economic protest” – is the latest Reuters headline.  The article reports more than 1,000 activists protesting economic inequality who reclaimed a downtown Oakland plaza late on Wednesday.  This was a day after demonstrators were driven out and an Iraq war veteran was critically hurt in clashes with police.
Today, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports the protest group “Occupy Atlanta” announced its plans to reorganize in another section of the city.  The protest group is steadily gaining more supporters given the wide spread of recent events and the release of its first 52 protestors who were arrested for their participation in the Atlanta protest demonstration.

First Wall Street, then Oak Land now the movement is brewing up in my back yard.
As a military whistle blower who experienced eye witness accounts of ongoing military corruption, I cannot forget the sleepless nights I spent in a military prison cell after I blew the whistle on my superiors. 
Back then, I was so angry after being wrongfully convicted.   That I would’ve been one of the first demonstrators expressing my dismay over how American taxpayers are being lied to and cheated.

YES! Greed and corporate corruption has angered a lot of Americans who believe the best way to voice their concerns over our current economic status is to gather together like a pack of angry wolves to demand the government to “Bail us out”.
Just 11 days ago, thousands of Americans joined together at our nation’s to commemorate the monument of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was one of the greatest Civil Rights Leader and a man of peace.  What Dr. King stood for cannot only be measured by statues, streets, boulevards or monuments dedicated in his honor alone, but by his legacy. 
Rev. King was a true man of faith whose peaceful marches helped to change laws. Dr. King devoted his life by peacefully working with the US government towards improving equality for minority Americans.  Let’s not disgrace his legacy by orchestrating potentially violent demonstrations.

There are a lot of corrupt corporate and political leaders who are stealing from the pockets of average working class Americans.  Americans who are being denied a fair opportunity to feed and educate their children.  However, ongoing protests can only lead to civil unrest, violence and the possibility of the President declaring Martial Law.
Google what one blogger thinks about it… 
Police State Fascism Is Now Rampant: Martial Law Is Next!

Food for thought: 
Fellow Americans, we have the power to “Vote In and Vote Out” political leaders who condone and benefit from this infectious corruption.  I challenge you to exercise your voices peacefully along with your right to VOTE these crooked politicians out of office!

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