Monday, October 24, 2011


A few of my closet friends have repeatedly asked my, “Sy, why are you still pursuing your plight with the Navy?  Are you bitter because they denied you your retirement pension?” 
My response is simple… “No one (not even those who helped to orchestrate my conviction) deserves to be treated the way I was treated.  Especially after working for an organization for almost 20 years, only to be denied my retirement pension.
A fellow blogger, who obviously did their homework, posted an interesting blog about my story.  The blogger goes by “Injusticejustice”.  I consider the title of the blog rather fitting for my situation.
It’s titled “History in the Making”.  You can check it on at:
Yes, it’s true… I am the first “Unmarried” female officer in U.S. military history and probably in U.S. history to have been court martialed, fined ($9,600), locked-up in prison (for 2 months) and discharged from the Navy (fired from my job) for Adultery.
The interesting point about this case is the alleged "married husband" was never charged with committing adultery.  And my situation took place during the same time several elected "Male" public officials were coming clean about their adulterous affairs.  I’m just saying…
One would have to beg the question…  Why did the Navy’s top brass target me? 
Did they need to “guarantee” my court martial conviction in an effort to “prove" my allegations of “fraud” against the government (the American taxpayer) to be frivolous?  This would be affirmative, according to a recorded conversation I had with my military defense attorney a few weeks before my courts martial trial.
In fact, several of my allegations of fraud were found to be substantiated.  Unfortunately, it took over a year in a half for the DoD IG to deliver its findings.   I’ve always wondered why the long delay…
For my military followers, you don’t have to turn the blind eye to military corruption.  However, I would think twice about contacting the Dept of Defense Inspector General (DoD IG). 
As a U.S. citizen you can report evidence of fraud by contacting your local FBI field office or an Attorney who represent “Whistle Blowers”, they will provide you protected communication.  As a victim of negligence by the DoD IG, I assure you, they will NOT provide you protection.
Food for thought:
During my 2-month lock-up, I recall a conversation I had with the Commanding Officer of the Brig (in the civilian world he would be considered the Warden)… He stated, “If the military is going to start prosecuting and jailing service members for “Adultery” we will have to build more Brigs! 

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