Friday, September 18, 2020

Love, Reborn... A Poem for the Preservation of Humanity

Love, Reborn
©  2020  Sy’needa Penland 

Never before have I stood
At the throne of the  
Divine Universe,
To request for the curse
Against the Soul of Humanity
Be Broken.
For each life taken
Will not be forsaken,
But shall become a token
To be bestowed to the
Most High GODS—
As they spare their rods
During the greatest
Planetary precessions
Of our lifetime.
As the Divine Heavens part,
To severe our broken hearts,
Know that your loved ones,
In Divine Spirit,
Is just a breath away…
Love, Reborn,
Mends a soul scorned
By the treachery of hate.
As Divine Love conquers all,
We shall evolve into
The manifestation of
Divine Love— For All.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Melanin... a poem for the Preservation of HUmanity

©  2020  Sy’needa Penland

Natural Essence.
True to life.
All form.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

"We Have Evolved," a poem for the preservation of humanity.....

We Have Evolved
© 2020  Sy’needa Penland

When the human soul
Finds itself at conflict
With its moral salvation,
The need arise to establish
Divine truce within.

To raise the vibration
Of faith, in devout prayer
Of forgiveness of immortal sins,
And forge a new path
For prosperity;

Rooted in Peace, Love,
And Compassion.
In support of,
Not the destruction of,
A fellow brethren’s
Dogged pursuit of happiness.

Yet upon establishment
Of Constitutional “laws,”
The great architects
Who vowed support
For their fellow brother,
Committed a blatant oversight—
Failed protection for thy sisters
And mothers…

As I reflect on their archaic past…
For their treaties did not last,
As secrets of their dark past
Now manifests in a
New Age of Enlightment.

As Divine Truth proves
To be self-evident,
That All Beings are created
Different— than previously expressed
In their theory… as “equal.”

As the modern-day sequel
Of scientific experimentation
Debunks the theory of creation,
Thus revealing measurement
Of our differences.

As contemptuous as it was to conceive,
The time has come for women
To inherit our birthright—
Divine entitlement to equal protection
Under ALL Laws;
While enduring responsibility
For the preservation of humanity.

As we manifest the fruition
Of their visions, and our
GOD-like intentions,
Let us proudly say,
“We Have Evolved.”

As our collective minds
Come together as One,
To solve ALL issues
Impacting humanity,
Today and tomorrow.

In celebration of our union,
We shall not weep in sorrow
Or regret, nor fear or fret.
We shall keep our eyes
On the prize— knowing that
The days ahead are better yet.

As We Stand United, As One Nation.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

To Claim Freedom... A Poem for the Preservation of Humanity

To Claim Freedom
©  2020  Sy’needa Penland

To claim Freedom,
One must claim
Over his eternal heart,

That ALL is forgiven
In this world,
That his moral values
And righteous soul
Shall never part.

To claim Freedom,
One must arrive
To his final destination;
Dominion over his
Sovereign soul,

That the roads he's traveled
Are no longer at odds 
With his Sovereign-self,

To the infinite depths 
of the Universe
His Spirit is willing to go.

To claim Freedom,
Is when the mind is free
Of fear and tyranny,
And knowing that
A Sovereign soul
Is Free! 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

"White Privilege", a poem to preserve the dignity of humanity!

White Privilege

©  2020 Sy’needa Penland

In careful examination of the Constitution,
Via Amendments and a Declaration
For a peaceful resolution
To resolve differences between
The Have and Have Nots;

I presume the drafters forget
To include the vision of those
Kidnapped, held in bondage
And enslaved to aid
To their prosperity—

That one day,
They would be free,
Upon established laws
To aid in their freedom and liberty,
As well as, provide a clear path
To independence and prosperity.

Yet these sons of Kings
And long-standing dynasties…
Hundreds of years later,
Their descendants are still fighting
For such rights, to further escape
“Mentality Slavery”… To say the least.

The Enlightened ones of the past
Knew that their fortunes
And freedom could not last,
Unless they acknowledge
Who in fact, made it so.

For their riches to be acquired,
In fulfilling their desires to be like
“The Richest Man in Babylon.”
Whose slaves rose upon the rising of the Sun,
And rested when the Moon arose,
To thank them for all the seeds sown—
To prove that their labors were appreciated
By the Highest GODs.

As the Mighty Rod is no longer spared,
And humanity is left in disrepair,
May Christ have no mercy
On their wretched souls.

One story of the ancients left untold,
Is that the Divine Universe shall unfold
Its blessings into the hearts and minds
Of melanin skin— to reinforce Earth’s
Willingness to begin again,

And aid in the absorption
And forgiveness of immortal sins—
Not the self-destruction
Of the Human Race,
So Greed, Hate, and Fear
Does not rear its wicked face,
Ever again!

Monday, July 20, 2020

A Tribute to the Legacy of the Honorable John Lewis, Rest in Eternal Peace

Sing With Me
(A Tribute to the Honorable John Lewis)
©  2020  Sy’needa Penland

Like a sparrow
Who watches over the nest,
As heaven greets me at sunrise,
I have done my best!

Justice shall be reborn
When I walkthrough
The golden gates.

I shall carry forward
Love in my heart,
Not the seed of hate.

Sing with me…
Songs of Freedom,
No more sad songs 
Of yesterday.

Sing with me…
Songs of Victory,
Glory Hallelujah
 Let us rejoice and pray.

Sing with me…
Songs of Liberty,
A Child of GOD is reborn
This holy night.

For I shall awaken
In Eternal Peace,
At the dawn 
Of first light.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020


I AM, Heaven
©  2010  Sy’needa Penland

For I AM the radiant sky,
The Almighty Universe
Who watches over humanity
From death to rebirth.

I Am the Keeper of Time
Of the Great Divine,
My Spirit entwines
All Beings with the All-Seeing
Likeness, of its own reflection;

The Essence of thou detection
Lies far beneath the skin,
For I AM Melanin,
The Creator,
The Source of your origin.

The likeness of
All Matter, shatters
When nothing else matters!

For the time has come
For the "Sun" to rise.
For all religious fables
To be set aside.
For there is no last supper
Before your souls
Are returned to me.

The eve approaches
For humankind
To be introduced to