Friday, April 12, 2019

Israel fails moon landing after spacecraft loses main engine moments before landing...

For every step forward... Becomes decades of recovery... Why did they attempt to make a "moon landing," when Earth is in direct alignment with her protective planets?! This doesn't make much sense, especially to those of us in the Spiritual-Empathic Community?!! What a waste of Time, Money and Resources.

I hope their team doesn't waste any more energy on this project and transfer their energy to better understand the outer and inner workings of Mother Earth and her Thermal Protective-Electromagnetic Field, which is how I like to transcribe what has been one of the most Divine Mating Seasons... I'm a poet and water sign, and that is the best way for me to describe how her force field is being reinforced..... Just last week, I published a 4-Volume series of poetry to describe my Spiritual Intuition of what she is experiencing... I digress...

Another explanation is that there is way too much satellite activity above us, as well as below, that the higher amplification of technology, especially audio, via ley lines... could cause the slightest ripple of electronic magnetic energy and destroy everything in its path... There could be thousands of explanations for this... But, Mother Earth and the Divine Universe has always set the boundaries for Human Exploration. Good Luck!!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The weight has been lifted... Blessing to all the gifted, who has received as much enlightenment from the Divine, during what has been an interesting phase of Human Evolution... As I close the compilation of what I've received... This morning, I scribed the final message... Until Next Season!!!

Universe, I AM,
Conversations with the Universe
©  2019 Sy’needa Penland

When the Universe woke up,
And decided to sing,
Who knew what wonders
She would bring.
When her thunder roars,
And her vibration claps,
Even the holiest of scriptures
Warned us, not to awaken her
From her nap.

Each mantel of her
Magnificent Earth shifts,
When her resonance sets adrift
In the wind— Compounding
More layers, to her sands of time—
As her Soulful Essence unwinds.

Oh how her crystal-gems
Sparkles under her moonlight,
As the majesty of her auras
Shine bright— Upon sunrise,
Her brightest Star, nourishes
The most desolate beings
Upon of her worn skin—
Camouflaged to blend into
The dry desert wind.

Each life form has a story to tell.
How it once dwelled— Thriving
Upon her fruitful Earth.
“Do not age my beauty,” she says,
For I AM, a Sage, of all times.
Should I recede my waters,
And flood the gates of your heaven;
I shall rejuvenate
The tiniest fiber of my being.
In the meantime, I rejoice in
What I am seeing…..
Humanity destroy itself.