Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Senator Elizabeth Warren scheduled to speak in Georgia on Saturday... I hope she addresses the Labor Laws and Unfair Wages in this State... And more issues I've listed below...

I’m usually a witty critic of politics… and if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that I don’t normally engage in choosing a side, when it comes to politics or religion… I’m a Free Spirit so I like to remain neutral!!

 But over the years, I’ve learned to balance “comedy and tragedy” considering the times we are living in… Yet for some odd reason, Senator Warren is resonating heavily with my Spirit… In a Good Way… And she will be campaigning in my neck of the woods…   Old Native American Indian Territory, along the Trail of Tears!!

As of late… The other Democratic presidential candidates seem to be either too young, or inexperienced, to truly address the needs of the American people— Especially as it relates to Unfair Wages and Unfair Working Practices and Conditions. And the State of Georgia has some of the WORSE Labor Laws and Practices.

Ironically, Senator Warren will be speaking in Lawrenceville Georgia, and the location she has chosen is interesting at best, Central Gwinnett High School, which is not too far from a municipal police headquarters and juvenile center, where schoolchildren are sent after ONE STRIKE.   And the majority of the juveniles are of African American, Latino, and other ethnic backgrounds.    

The N. Gwinnett area is also considered a Republican Strong-Hold and for her to engage this district, clearly means that she considers herself a force to be reckoned with!!! 

Unfortunately, the N. East area is a challenging district, and has a strong backbone in Georgia’s politics… The University of Georgia (UGA) is not too far away, which is Rep. Gov. Kemp’s stomping ground…

So unless she addresses the following issues, based on what I see as a local resident, she won’t have a fighting chance to win over this state…

          The Future of our Children
          Better Wages for Single Working Mothers
          Quality Day-Care
          Quality After-School programs
          Assistance with continued education for minority demographic groups
          Juvenile Reform
          State Prison Reform
          Quality Health-care with Lower Insurance Premiums
          Combating FRAUD and CORRUPTION within the State and City Management
          Diversity within the Law Enforcement

And other issues that speak to the SOUL of the Hard-Working Conservative South…

Thursday, February 7, 2019

"Higher Good," a Poem for Helping to Soothe the Tempered Soul of Humanity... We are Blessed and Highly Favored, When We Celebrate Earth... Not When We Seek Ways to Destroy Her!!

Higher Good
©  2019 Sy’needa Penland

Destruction of the Human Soul
Begins within,
When you open your vortex
And invite in sin

When you reject the
Great Spirit of MOTHER Earth,
Who seeks to cleanse
Your aura
Of unwelcomed entities,
That does not serve a
Higher Good.

Her innate desire
To cleanse the soul,
Is NOT to be
Or self-equated
To a mathematical equation;

When she balances the entities
Of her polarities
Across ALL persuasions,
From Black, Yellow, Albino,
To Caucasians alike.

The Divine Universe does not,
Dislike, or discriminate
Against any being
She procreates.

For she relies on
The essence of
Her Indigenous Tribes,
To help her thrive—
As she provides
Plentiful, in her harvest seasons,
For us to reside,

So there is no reason to Hate!
Be Happy!!  And Commune,
In the Spirit of Love!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My Sage Advice to My Younger Self... "To Know thyself... Is to Love thyself...Is to Celebrate thyself!!"


   Guide Stones of Life
       ©  2019  Sy’needa Penland

            When principalities and reality
          Of the Divine
          Guides a sovereign heart
          To absolute truth
          Morality of the soul
          Shall never part

                   To Know thyself,
                   Is to Love thyself—
                   Is to Celebrate thyself.

          For the basic guide stones of life
          Lies before your very eyes,
          When you gaze at the starry skies—
          The many constellations
          Of the Divine Universe, circles
          Above, Below, and Within you.

          With each breath you take
          Celebrate rebirth,
          Upon thy Heavenly Earth—
          For the Divine Universe
          Does not wait 365 days
          To honor you.

          The human soul is honored
          Each and every day,
          When she celebrates
          Her very existence.
          For without the human Spirit,
          To balance the dimensional polarities
          Of thy Earthly Universe,
          Divinity would be a lonely soul.